The ADMB is made up of Professional Disaster Security and Safety Managers, certified/licensed who integrate professional training with sound background to bring about total safety, health and wellness to its members, clients and society. Membership to this Association is completely voluntary


Association of Disaster Managers without Borders offers a number of considerable and exciting benefits to her deserving professional and volunteer members who contribute to the business of saving lives and empowering people. The associated benefit include:

  1. Offer of a prestigious and internationally recognized membership identity card.
  2. Membership raises your profile with the use of distinct post-nominal letters fADM, and MADM
  3. Mandatory Continuing Professional Development (Disaster Management) through professional capacity and educational courses.
  4. Discounts on a range of services and products offered by ADMB
  5. ADMB helps your community voice to be heard in relation to disaster free society.
  6. ADMB provides opportunities for growth and expansion through membership interaction