Aim and Objectives


Our main aim is to promote effective disaster management and risk reduction across the nation. In line with the main aim, it is not in doubt that there are so many other objectives involved in our efforts.

  • To provide assistance to the vulnerable wherever they are.
  • Promoting campaigns for early warning and disaster risk reduction through education, training, sensitizing and awareness programs.
  • To promote good governance in Nigeria through wide publicity and awareness campaign for effective disaster and emergency management knowledge.
  • To create an enabling environment through mass mobilization for Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency Management.
  • To promote active citizenship participation and advocacy for Family Planning, Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency Management.
  • To promote human right and discourage discrimination, victimization and marginalization based on ethnic gender and physical disability in our society.
  • To build capacity and skills of citizens through regular training for sustainable development and disaster management.
  • To collaborate with other humanitarian actors in disaster management and national development projects.
  • To discourage all forms of political violence, insurgency and terrorism.
  • To enhance the promotion of access to justice and basic services such as health, education and economic opportunities.
  • Research on disaster management.

Our GOAL is that vulnerable groups are empowered efficiently and effectively towards:

  • Capacity development
  • Disaster risk reduction
  • Skills acquisition
  • Peace and conflict resolution
  • Grass root development